Photo by Christian Pondella

BOLIVIA: Powder Magazine

Our trip to Bolivia last May is featured in this months Powder Magazine. I am pretty excited about this as I made my literary debut as a writer and photographer. Writing the story was certainly harder then taking the photos and for sure not as much fun. It is cool to see it all come together especially after Dave Rosenbarger, Giulia Monego and myself had such an amazing trip.







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  1. Chiristian Pondella is the Sexiest most Captivating photographer in the Sierras. Rock on big Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Which tripod and head did you bring up on the mountain with you, if any?

  3. Hey Mike,

    The tripod and head I use is the Gitzo GT 0530 and Really Right Stuff BH25 ball head. I only brought it a few times to basecamp. I usually end up placing my camera on a rock for long exposures when I do not have a tripod, which is usually more often the case.

  4. Thanks. Inspiring stuff!