Photo by Christian Pondella

Powder Magazine Photo Annual is the Holy Grail for a ski photographer to get their images published. You try all winter long to get those one or two unique images in hopes of landing one of them on the pages of the Photo Annual. It is a huge honor to see your photos in this issue as it showcases the best skiers and photographers work from the previous winter.

This recent issue I was incredibly honored to have my photography career profiled in the Photo Annual. Rob Story wrote an article about the path of my photography over the past 16 years and it was accompanied by some recent photography from the past two winters. I have been blessed with an amazing job and to be to chase my dreams. This is an incredible accolade, and thank you to Powder Magazine, my wife, family and all my friends who have been an integral part to my photography career!








SHOOTING GALLERY РChris Davenport:  Chamonix, France


SHOOTING GALLERY – Bernard Rosow: Hole in the Wall – Mammoth, CA


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  1. Stunning photos ….. congrats!

  2. Thanks Marilyn! Happy 2012

  3. Congratulations man! Great article! You’ve come a hell of a long way from Gene Stewart’s photography classes and hiking/skiing Berthoud Pass back during the Regis days. Keep up the great work and be safe.

  4. All stunning as usual but the moonlight shot is gorgeous! What iso & what camera?

  5. Thanks Marco, I appreciate the positive feedback. The photo was taken with the Canon Mark II, ISO 200, F7.1, 13 sec shutter with the 24-105 at 24mm. Camera was sitting on a rock, mother nature’s tripod.

  6. I loved that article, especially as I’ve recently begun my journey down a similar road. Your work ROCKS!, I remember seeing your name for many years now. Keep it up and be safe.