Photo by Christian Pondella


Last week the US Grand Prix stopped in Mammoth for the second stop of the Olympic qualifier for the snowboard half pipe. Shooting the half pipe is pretty exciting as these guys fly 15 plus feet above your head out of the pipe. One of the challenges is being at the right spot at the right time. More often then not, photographers will shoot the first hit because it the most consistent spot the riders will hit, and after several runs you have a good idea of where they will launch from. I was shooting Greg Bretz, a Mammoth Local who was going huge and pulling this really stylish grab during practice. The only problem was that if you shot it standing on the deck looking up at him with a wide angle you only saw the bottom of the board and his ass, which you generally want to see the riders face. Knowing he would do the same trick in his final runs the next day I came prepared with my pole cam. It is basically about a 14 foot extendable pole with my camera mounted on top with a 14mm lens triggered wireless with a Pocket Wizard. I knew this would give me a different perspective and allow me to shoot down on him eliminating the ass shot problem. The only problem with this is that my camera was in everybody’s shot. Since most of us photographers are pretty good friends it wasn’t that big of deal and Adam Moran decided to have fun with it and and composed his shot to have me in the photo, and it looked like I was fishing for Greg.

Bretz_Mammoth_Moran9915 PHOTO BY: Adam Moran

US Grand Prix

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  1. Two awesome shots.. Two awesome ideas for shots!

  2. Incredible work!

  3. Hook up! Two fantastic shots.